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Dr. Vaishali Keswani


Dr. Vaishali Keswani received her Biology degree, with Honors, from the University of Toronto and went on to complete her Optometry degree from the New England College of Optometry. Dr. Keswani specializes in Pediatric Optometry with a special interest in the treatment and management of Amblyopia. She has been in practice for over 22 years.

Dr. Keswani was born in Uganda, Africa. She grew up in Toronto, Canada and later pursued her graduate studies in Boston, MA where she practiced for two years before relocating to Florida. She then practiced in Chicago for 14 years before relocating to San Diego.

Dr. Keswani always had a dream to help people. “The happiest people make time to serve others.” She chose Optometry because it as a way to help people while maintaining a work life balance to raise her three children and practice yoga. She describes her family as being diverse, creative and very unique. Dr. Keswani is also Vice President of Programs for Sage Canyon PTA.

We asked Dr. Keswani to recall her most memorable patient?

“My best memory came from taking care of a teenage boy who came in with excruciating eye pain in one eye. This set off an alarm in me that there was much more to it. After many questions and testing, I realized this young man had ulcerative colitis. This was confirmed by his doctor. I received flowers from his mom, a nurse who said, ” in no way would we have expected an eye doctor to detect such an important medical problem, thanks to you my boy is feeling better and on his way to a healthier life, and by the way, his eye feels much better.”