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Contact Lens Exams, Dr. Elliott Shapiro – Dr. Elliott Shapiro, Family Optometry Inc., San Diego, CA

Do you need vision correction, but don’t like the feel or look of eyeglasses on your face?

Contact lenses may be the right option for you, offering convenience, comfort and sharp eyesight. If you’re interested in contacts, we’ll take you through every step of the process, starting with expert contact lens eye exams. At Dr. Elliott Shapiro, Family Optometry Inc., our team of professional optometrists, Dr. Shapiro, will evaluate your eyes comprehensively in our San Diego, California, office.

Our Eye Exams for Contact Lenses

When we perform a complete eye exam for contacts, we’ll inspect for any pre-existing health or ocular issues that could impede wearing contact lenses. This involves much more than simply checking visual acuity. If we conclude that your eyes and vision prescription are both appropriate for achieving good, healthy eyesight with contact lenses, then the next step is to get you fitted with the best contacts for your vision condition.

Dr. Elliott Shapiro

Dr. Elliott Shapiro

With our first-rate, advanced technology and years of experience, we’ll assess your eye health, visual needs and lifestyle requirements to determine if you’re a good candidate for lenses., , San Diego eye doctor.

Contact Lens Consultation in San Diego, California

We’ll welcome you to our office, sit down together and discuss your contact lens expectations. There are many types of contacts on the market, and our optical team is very knowledgeable about all the differences, benefits and disadvantages. For example, some lenses are worn for only a day at a time and then disposed of, and others are worn for more extended periods before being replaced. Soft lenses are the most popular option, yet hard lenses have particular advantages. People who are looking for a new eye color may be intrigued by our range of colored lenses. Please bring any questions you may have about contact lenses, and we look forward to answering them!

Our experienced optometrists will instruct you with complete guidelines about how long you can wear your lenses, when to replace them and how to care for them.

Contact Lens Fittings

Many corneal variations exist, which makes everyone’s eye sizes unique and different.
Our eye doctors will measure your eyes precisely to fit you with the right contacts. We’ll check your iris and pupil size and the curvature of your cornea. We’ll also assess the lubrication in your tear film to make sure that there’s enough moisture to keep your comfortable.

Trial Lenses & Your Contact Lens Prescription

Trying out a pair of lenses for at least 15 minutes of wearing time is often the best way to verify which contacts are right for you. We’ll teach you how to insert your lenses and then we’ll assess the fit for proper movement and positioning. As you blink and move your eyes back and forth, we’ll pay attention to how the lenses behave. If the fit is good, then it’s time for you to receive your prescription.

Contact lens prescriptions state:

  • Lens diameter
  • Base curve (lens curvature)
  • Power of each lens
  • Manufacturer and name of the lenses

Follow-up Evaluations for Contacts

It is strongly advised to return for an eye exam for contact lenses after wearing your lenses for a while. We’ll assess the clarity of your vision, health of your eyes and condition of your lenses. If we detect any problems, a change in the type, fit, amount of wearing time or materials of your lenses may be required. If all checks out OK, then you can return for yearly routine contact lens eye exams to confirm that nothing has changed.

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